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Traffic Safety Training Center  may be coming to back to CANADA!!!!!

DATES and Classes To Be Determined Working on the summer of 2021

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The Traffic Safety Training Center, based out of South Carolina, strives to bring the highest quality collision reconstruction and traffic safety training possible to it's customers.  With several courses to choose from and instructors with decades of law enforcement and teaching experience, look no further than the Traffic Safety Training Center for your course needs.

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Pedestrian/Bicycle Collision Reconstruction

New Hampshire State Police

May 10-14, 2021

This class is designed to give officers the knowledge and training necessary to reconstruction Pedestrian/Bicycle Collisions  This is Level I.  The course includes determining Speed, Time and Distance and other topics.   Pedestrian and bicycle collisions present unique evidence in collisions.  Hands on portion of this class includes crash testing. 

Students need:


         Laptop computers


Collision Reconstruction Phase III

Hooksett, New Hampshire

May 17-28, 2021

This is third course in the Collision Reconstruction series.  This course will provide officers with the training they need to reconstruct collision, write reports and present findings in court settings.  There will also be live crash testing. Tuition for this class is $895.

Collision Reconstruction from VIDEO Evidence

New Hampshire State Police Location TBD (CONCORD AREA)

July 19-23, 2021

This is course will assist the officer in determining speed from video evidence. (Video sources like GoPro, IPhone  Video, Dash cameras, etc.).  This course is advanced training in Time and Distance calculations.  Students will be provided a  computer program to use for these purposes.  Tuition for this class is $595.

Motorcycle Collision Reconstruction

Calera, Alabama

August 16-20, 2021

This advanced class will teach officers the principles needed to determine the speed of a motorcycle involved in a crash


THI Level I At-Scene Collision Reconstruction

Trussville, Alabama

August 23-September 3, 2021

This is the first of a series of 3 class in the THI Collision Reconstruction series.  This first class will give officers the basics in speed calculation and lay the ground work to becoming a Collision Reconstructionist  


Occupant Kinematics in Collision Reconstruction

New Hampshire State Police (LOCATION TBD CONCORD AREA) 

September 13-17, 2021

This course is designed to help officers determine occupant seat locations based on PDOF and injury patterns.  


THI Level II  Technical Collision Reconstruction 

Pelham, Alabama

October 25- November 5, 2021

This class will teach students to determine speed from video evidence, (GoPro, Ring Doorbell Video ect) 


Collision Reconstruction from VIDEO Evidence

Calera, Alabama

November 8-12, 2021

This class is the second in the series of three.  The class will teach students time distance, Kinetic energy, Velocity and Conservation of Linear Momentum. 


Collision Reconstruction Phase III
Frisco Texas

December 6-17, 2021

This is third course in the Collision Reconstruction series.  This course will provide officers with the training they need to reconstruct collision, write reports and present findings in court settings.  There will also be live crash testing. Tuition for this class is $895.


Working on bringing Ped/Bike Reconstruction, Motorcycle Reconstruction and Collision Reconstruction from Video Evidence classes to Canada In 2021. 

If interested please email us at

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Exceeding Your Expectations

On-Line Training

WITH COVID-19 We have developed On-Line Crash Reconstruction Training.  This training is designed to give the student the best possible training while continuing Social Distancing


The On-Line training class is available to officers when field classes are not scheduled. The Crash Reconstruction, courses are usually hard to find or too far in the future.  The purpose of this training is to provide officers with the best collision investigation training available. Traffic Safety Training Center is committed to enhance officers’ knowledge and skills.  The difference with Traffic Safety Training Center’s on-line classes and other similar training is the classes will be tailored to the students needs.  Students will be required to have constant contact to move forward to ensure students are learning the necessary training objectives.


Dates:         On Line Training

Cost:           CALL FOR PRICING


Instructor: Retired Lt. Dale Smith   Formerly of the Traffic Safety Program Manager at the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy, Former Sergeant of the South Carolina Highway Patrol MAIT Team, ACTAR 924 certified Reconstructionist. Recognized court expert on traffic crash investigation and reconstruction. Over 28 years of experience investigating and reconstructing all types of crashes   Regularly teach and consult crash investigation around the country.


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Interested in Hosting?

The Traffic Safety Training Center is committed to providing superior collision investigation and reconstruction training, anywhere.  If you are interested in hosting a course at your agency please inquire below. There are many benefits of being a host agency including discounted registration fees and eliminating travel costs for your attendees.

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Class Kit

This kit includes:

·         Scientific Calculator

·         Blue Blitz Template or similar

·         Drawing Compass

·         360 Degree Counter Clockwise Protractor

·         Plastic Eraser

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